• UN will assist with parliamentary and presidential Elections in 2015

    15 Dec 2014
    Elections in CAF 2015

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will be assisting the Central African Republic in the organization of a constitutional referendum, as well as parliamentary and presidential elections next year. The elections are seen as a crucial step in the country’s return to peace and development, following decades of conflict and political instability. At the beginning of December, the UN Secretary-General called for the organization of elections by August 2015.

    UNDP will be in charge of coordinating the international community’s support. It will implement a programme to register, mobilize and educate voters, support the logistics of the ballots, and build the capacities of the Autorité nationale des élections, the body in charge o…

  • Fleeing Traders add to mounting Food Crisis

    12 Feb 2014
    Fleeing Central Africans

    Violence in the Central African Republic has forced many traders and herders to flee, exacerbating an already alarming food crisis, relief groups said. Oxfam and Action Contre La Faim (ACF – Action Against Hunger) said three quarters of wholesalers in Bangui had already fled. “Most of Bangui’s food trade relies on around 40 large-scale wholesalers who import food from neighbouring countries and resell on to small traders,” a statement said. A study conducted by the two groups showed that only 10 remained, less than a year after a coup touched off a deadly cycle of sectarian violence.

    “Even those remaining said they would flee too if security does not improve quickly,” the statement said. Wholesalers said their sales have plummeted up …

  • Self-proclaimed President used Child Soldiers to come to Power

    07 Apr 2013 | Ralph M Ertner, Pretoria
    Child Soldier in the Central African Republic

    The CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (CAR) is slowly moving out of the focus of the headlines, but a bitter after-taste still lingers. Africa was on its way to more democracy and stability and the last tyrants seemed to seal their biological fate. But then again Mali, DRC and now the CAR. Blatant disregard of any aspect of humanity or the need for the affected peoples.

    The self-proclaimed president of the Central African Republic, Michel Djotodia, has now announced a caretaker government as allegations emerged that he sent child soldiers to their deaths during a bloody coup. He will also act as defence minister while several members of his Seleka rebel coalition are to run other ministries, a decree broadcast on national radio said. Civilian …