• Coastal Region drives Growth Outlook for 2015

    06 Apr 2015
    Port of Djibouti

    Growth in neighbouring countries without access to the sea (Ethiopia and South Sudan) and growth resulting from port-related activities in Djibouti will give vitality to Djibouti’s economic growth in 2015. There are a considerable number of transport links being developed between Djibouti and the capitals of its neighbours to facilitate the transiting of their products through Djibouti’s ports. In this way, 80% of Ethiopian exports are shipped through Djibouti. Public investment is thus helping boost growth. Foreign investors are also playing a significant role in development within Djibouti. One example is the highway that is going to be built between eastern Ethiopia and Djibouti.

    This follows on from two other projects that were s…

  • Four Year Drought has serious Consequences

    16 Jun 2014
    Cattle dying from Dehydration
    Djibouti is suffering from a fourth straight year of drought, which has driven a huge exodus of people from rural areas to the capital and caused a surge in disease and malnutrition. Robert Watkins, U.N. resident coordinator in Djibouti, was recently meeting officials from donor countries to seek funds for a U.N. appeal of $74 million for Djibouti this year, launched in May. The United Nations has received $9.5 million from donors so far. “The biggest issue facing Djibouti today is the lack of water. People depend on water for their livelihood, essentially their livestock,” Watkins told a news briefing in Geneva. Many cattle had perished from the water shortages, he said.

    “It’s the reason why we are investing more and more and we try…

  • February Elections contested by Opposition

    28 Mar 2013

    Djibouti’s opposition have been protesting against the government over what they claim were fraudulent elections. The government has responded with forceful repression. On February 22, Djibouti held landmark elections. For the first time since 2003, the country’s parliamentary elections were actively contested, and for the first time since independence opposition candidates won seats in the National Assembly. Despite this, however, the official announcement that President Omar Ismail Guelleh’s Union for a Presidential Majority (UMP) had won 43 of the 65 parliamentary seats triggered accusations of foul play. The opposition, led by a coalition of parties known as the Union for National Safety (USN), insisted that Guelleh’s apparent popula…

  • Data Center for East Africa launched

    04 Mar 2013
    Djibouti Data Center

    The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) has announced today at the Capacity Middle East Conference the launch of its commercial operations in Djibouti City. The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) leverages Djibouti’s strategic position in East Africa as the major meeting point for undersea fiber optic cable systems connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, to Africa. Collocated just meters from the new Djibouti Telecom cable landing station, the DDC offers international telecommunications carriers and content delivery network (CDN) providers neutral collocation facilities, Internet Exchange, and other enhanced services in one of the fastest growing regions in the world. The DDC is a joint venture between Djibouti Telecom and Djibouti Data Center SARL