• Youth Drain poses Threat to Economic Recovery

    28 Aug 2014
    Hopeless Youth in Eritrea

    A new report said a lot of young people are leaving Eritrea due to authoritarian rule, growing dissatisfaction and long-term national service. The International Crisis Group has called for both domestic and international action to reduce the youth drain.

    Many young Africans are leaving the continent hoping to find jobs and opportunities elsewhere. But the International Crisis Group said the youth exodus from Eritrea is acute. It said the Eritrean government’s demand to “sacrifice individual ambition for the greater good of the nation” is causing people to leave.

    Dr. Cedric Barnes, ICG’s Horn of Africa Project Director, said, “The primary driver at the moment seems to be because people are fed-up with the national service, where peo…

  • Peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia - A lasting Possibility?

    10 Apr 2013 | Salih Nur (DAAD)
    Peace in Eritrea

    After more than a decade of low-level hostilities and sour relations, there are signs Eritrea and Ethiopia could be ready to talk again. It has been over a decade since talks regarding the demarcation of Eritrea-Ethiopia border stalled, and relations between the two long-standing nemeses deteriorated into an effective cold war. Although the Eritrea-Ethiopia war officially ended with signing of the Algiers Agreement in 2000, relations are still marked by recrimination, sabre-rattling, and efforts at mutual destabilisation. Although each claims to be against another war, the risk of escalation remains high along their heavily-militarised border. Both sides continue to undermine each other’s stability, from allegedly supporting armed opposi…