• Two-Months Strike in Iron Mines comes to an End

    05 Apr 2015
    Iron Mine Strike ends

    Workers at Mauritania’s state iron ore mining company SNIM have ended a two-month strike after reaching a deal with management on salaries, a union negotiator said on Friday.

    After four days of negotiations mediated by the mayor of the northeastern mining hub of Zouerate, where SNIM’s mine is based, a four-point deal was reached, including the lifting of all sanctions against the 400 workers who went on strike.

    “These workers will be returned to work with full rights and all the necessary guarantees,” said Keneme Damba, a member of the union negotiating team.

    He said the workers would receive three months of salary for returning to work.

    SNIM had produced around 13 million tonnes of iron ore in recent years.

    Negotiations b…

  • IMF compliments Economic Growth

    10 Jan 2013 | IMF

    Speaking after a meeting with President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Christine Lagarde, IMF, said she was satisfied with the healthy situation of the Mauritanian budget and its positive results in terms of growth. According to her, she had discussed with Mauritanian officials on “the way the fruits of this growth can be better invested in the infrastructure, support programmes for the poorest people and to health and education.” The IMF Director General, on Wednesday attended, the 5th Congress on Economic Integration in the Maghreb, in Nouakchott. The event was organized by the Central Bank of Mauritania, in collaboration with the IMF.

    “Mauritania has achieved a 5.1-percent growth during the last three years by taking advantage of its geo…