• Turkish Company completes East Africa's largest Indoor Sports Arena

    12 Aug 2019
    Kigali Indoor Sports Arena inaugurated

    Rwanda inaugurated a new events and indoor sports facility Friday that was constructed by Turkish construction company Summa. The record six-month constriction boast a multi-purpose facility in Kigali that is arguably among the top 10 largest indoor venues in Africa and the biggest in the Eastern Africa region. The state-of-the-art 10,000-seat complex will host major sporting and cultural events, including basketball, tennis and volleyball as well as conferences, meetings and concerts, according to the Rwandan Sports Ministry.

    Chief Technical Officer for the project, Ugur Murat Altun, told the media ahead of Friday’s launch that construction was completed July 5 after starting Jan. 18. President Paul Kagame inaugurated the facility an…

  • And the winner is ....... DEMOCRACY!!!

    08 Sep 2018 | africanews
    Opposition wins first seats in Parliament

    The only opposition party that is tolerated in Rwanda has won parliamentary seats for the first time, election results showed on Wednesday, in a move described as ‘a sign Rwanda is opening up its political spectrum’. President Paul Kagame’s ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), which still has a dominant majority, declared the results of Monday’s election proof that the country is a democracy.

    Rwanda’s Democratic Space

    Kagame is praised for restoring stability in Rwanda and for rapid economic progress after the 1994 genocide. But rights groups say he has muzzled independent media and suppressed opponents. The government dismisses the accusations as false.

    Officials of the electoral commission told a news conference on Wedne…

  • Citizens at the Polls to extend 24-year-long RPF Rule?

    04 Sep 2018
    Parliamentary Elections in Rwanda

    Rwandans voted in parliamentary elections on Monday that are expected to shore up the power of President Paul Kagame’s ruling party a year after he was re-elected with 98% of the vote.

    The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), in power for 24 years, its allied parties and one critical opposition party are vying for 53 of the 80 seats in parliament.

    The remaining 27 seats are reserved for women, youth and the disabled and they are elected by special councils and national committees.

    “Our party is gaining momentum across the country despite numerous hurdles. We are hopeful that we will win at least ten seats in parliament,” said Frank Habineza of the Democratic Green Party, the only permitted critical opposition party, casting his vote i…

  • World Bank Rating for Doing Business improved again significantly

    06 Nov 2017
    Doing Business in Rwanda

    Rwanda has significantly improved in the World Bank’s “Doing Business Report” coming in the 41st position up from 56th in last year’s ranking. In a report released today, World Bank says Rwanda remains 2nd after Mauritius (25th) and first in East Africa in easing doing business. Kenya came 3rd(80), Botswana (81) and South Africa (82).

    The report also ranked Rwanda among the best globally in Doing business areas of registering property with a rank of (2) and got credit (6). In registering property, the report says, Rwanda has an efficient land registry where it takes 7 days to transfer the property and only costs 0.1% of the property value – the same as in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Rwanda and Mauritius are the only two of the S…

  • World's First Commercial Drone Delivery System in Operation

    27 Jun 2017
    First Commercial Drone Operation in Rwanda

    The world’s first commercial drone delivery service operates from a hill almost smack dab in the middle of Rwanda. A barbed wire fence surrounds a field, a white tent, and a control tower. From here, Zipline, a San Francisco-based robotics company, delivers blood by drone to almost half of all Rwanda’s blood transfusion centers. Orders are made online, by text, phone, or WhatsApp. A technician sits in a refrigerated room where the blood—specifically red blood cells, platelets, plasma, and cryoprecipitate—are stored, communicating with his team over Slack. An order has come in for a hospital about two hours away by car. The drone delivers the package in 20 minutes.

    “To have a proven model here first in Rwanda is amazing,” says Maggie J…

  • Higher Prices for Precious and Industrial Metals to increase Mining Revenue to USD 400m

    16 May 2017
    Cassiterite Mining at Rutongo Mine

    The Government, in partnership with Rwanda Miners’ Association, plans to double mineral productivity in the next two years in an effort to generate $400 million by 2018 from the current $166 million, Francis Gatare, the chief executive of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMPGB), has said.

    Gatare said entities involved in mining activities in Rwanda should make use of the recovering mineral prices at the international market, and engage in product diversification and value addition to maximise gains.

    Prices of cassiterite, coltan and wolfram at international market have recovered from a sharp fall they suffered in the last two years. Mining sector players say this is encouraging and good for the economy.

    The decline in mine…

  • "Hotel Rwanda" - from Shocker to First Address

    20 Mar 2017
    Radisson Blue in Kigali

    The Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) will take place alongside AviaDev Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, from October 10 to 12. According to Bench Events, the organiser, the event was established last year as a meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) hub in the region. AHIF attracts more than 500 executives from 45 countries. AviaDev facilitated over 500 conversations between airlines, government officials and airports to discuss new aviation routes.

    Last year, Accor, Best Western, Carlson Rezidor, CityBlue, Hilton and Marriott all made announcements about new hotel projects in Rwanda, 22 in total and Bench Events signed a new agreement with the UN World Tourism Organisation to cooperate closely and to jointly promote tou…

  • German Loan secures Share in Great Lake Hydropower

    21 May 2016
    Lake Victoria, Rwanda

    The Rwandan government is to receive € 15 million (US$ 16.8 million) through a bilateral agreement signed with Germany.

    The loan agreement will reportedly be directed towards boosting energy supply not only in Rwanda but the entire Great Lakes region and increase Rwanda’s participation in the Ruzizi III project. German diplomat pledges commitment to affordable, reliable & sustainable energy for Rwandan citizens. According to local media, Claver Gatete, minister of finance and economic planning, said the funding will be fully allocated to the regional hydropower station, Ruzizi III project.
    Ruzizi III project

    The Ruzizi III plant is a regional project shared by Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is expe…

  • IMF: Economic Growth to slow down in 2016

    09 Apr 2016
    Rwanda Groth to slow slightly

    The International Monetary Fund said this week that it expects Rwanda’s economy to slow this year and pick up in 2018, forecasting around 6% growth this year compared with 6.9% last year. It said Rwanda had agreed to pursue a more cautious monetary policy and put off some public spending to help slow the demand for imports. “The (IMF) mission expects that successful implementation of these policies will maintain economic growth at around 6 per cent, while keeping inflation below 5 per cent,” it said in a statement. “We are expecting growth of about 6% for the next two years. It could be higher. Then in 2018 we expect higher growth in line with Rwanda’s potential as some of these policies take effect,” Laure Redifer, who led an IMF missio…

  • Credit Rating improved to B+ (Standard & Poor)

    16 Sep 2015
    Improved Credit Rating of B+

    Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has given Rwanda a B+/B credit rating on account of the country’s current political and economic stability and in the foreseeable future. The positive rating, by the American independent credit rating agency, is the latest by the firm.

    “Our current B+ rating and stable outlook incorporate our belief that the 2017 transition will be managed smoothly and will not weaken the country’s institutional framework or result in civil unrest,” the agency said in a statement. Rwanda is scheduled to have presidential elections in 2017.

    Rating agencies such as S&P are independent institutions with international credibility and expertise to measure the credit worthiness of a country by evaluating their ability to repay wit…