• State of the Nation Address

    18 Feb 2018
    President Cyril Ramaphosa

    On 16 February 2018, President Cyril Ramaphosa gave his first State of the Nation Address, only 30 hours after having been sworn in as the new president of South Africa.

    Not much time to prepare, but clearly tasked with guiding the country out of state capture, economic stand-still and to free the people form a corrupt and inept leadership. The speech was long and had its moments, where even the opposition applauded, but otherwise, it lacked the long-awaited spark, the light at the end of the tunnel in form of goalposts, targets and tasks at hand.

    Some passages awkwardly reminded of past president Zuma, might even been written for him with no time to be replaced.

    So what can South Africa expect?

    Ramaphosa’s intention to reduc…

  • #ZEXIT - The Finale: Zuma Resigns!!

    14 Feb 2018
    #ZEXIT - Zuma resigns

    Finally, on the night of Valentines Day, President Jacob Zuma finally bows to the unanimous demand of public and politics and resigned as fourth President of post-apartheid South Africa.

    The speech that commenced with new waves of defiance and senseless ranting on the differences between Party and Constitution, had all South Africans on the edge of their seat. Everyone was waiting for the much-anticipated words that would hail the end of an era of corruption, nepotism and blatant theft from the state coffers. It was unclear until the last minutes of his speech whether or not Zuma tried to pull a “Mugabe”, but once he started thanking one stakeholder after the other it was clear, this is the end.

    Jacob Zuma has resigned and although…

  • ZEXIT: SONA postponed while Zuma clings to office!

    07 Feb 2018
    Defiant Zma clings to Office

    Days of speculation have ended after Parliament’s presiding officers postponed this year’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), amid fears that it might once again descend into chaos.

    “We wish to assure fellow South Africans and everyone affected by this decision that these actions are being taken in the best interests of Parliament and the country,” National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete announced on Tuesday afternoon. Opposition parties and the ruling ANC welcomed the decision, but the debate rages on around the future of President Jacob Zuma.

    All eyes are on the ruling party to see what happens next, following the SONA postponement in the wake of President Jacob Zuma’s reported continued reluctance to step aside for his succes…


    06 Feb 2018
    Incompetence paired with Greed: THE END!

    Due to the previous incompetent (but expensive!) team of programmers in Germany, this site has unfortunately not been updated and was unable to be accessed. With our new, competent coder in place, the site will be updated again and we are looking forward to providing you with the latest intel on Sub-Saharan Africa in 2018!

    So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled, a lot will be happening this year!

  • From 1 November Biometric Background Check will replace Police Clearance for Visa Applications

    10 Nov 2017
    Finger Prints to replace Police Clearance

    Introduction and implementation of the automated fingerprint biometric solution which will replace the requirement of the manual South African police clearance certificate
    The Immigration Act, No.13 of 2002 requires amongst other supporting documents a submission of a police clearance certificate when making an application for a long-term temporary residence visa or permanent residence permit.

    As part of the continuous service improvement and efficiency, the Department of Home Affairs will be introducing a Biometric background check service which is linked to the South African Police Service Database. This service which will be provided at a value added cost of ZAR 175.00 (incl. VAT) will replace the requirement to submit manual poli…

  • IMF urges Government to reform Governance, Procurement and to tackle Investment Obstacles

    09 Nov 2017
    Government needs to remove Investment Obstacles

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Wednesday that SA’s subdued economic growth of just 0.7% for 2017 was not likely to improve much next year. A delegation from the IMF was in South Africa between October 30 to November 8 to discuss recent economic developments. In an ‘end-of-mission’ statement the delegation’s head Ana Lucía Coronel said the IMF thought it unlikely that economic growth would pick up next year.

    “Despite South Africa’s institutional strength and favorable global conditions, increasing domestic political uncertainty and stalled reforms point to a challenging economic outlook,” said Coronel.
    “Some sectors, including agriculture and mining, are certainly generating growth, but other key activities have stag…

  • Brace Yourself: 5% Petrol Price Hike envisaged for December

    08 Nov 2017
    Drastic Petrol Price Hike in December

    South African motorists should brace themselves for a massive fuel price increase in December as an increase in the global oil price – to 2-year highs of US$ 64 / barrel – will compound pressures seen in the South African US dollar exchange rate, and push the price of petrol up by around 60 cents in December.

    The global oil price spiked after the 32-year old crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, arrested his political rivals on corruption charges. However, the US$ 64 levels are a bit inflated, Rossouw said, and levels between US$ 55 and US$ 60 are more realistic.

    South Africa has seen successive fuel price increases in the past four months, as the South African economy continued to struggle. According to the Automobile…

  • Temporary Rand Recovery awaiting ANC Electorate Decision

    07 Nov 2017
    Technical Rand Recovery

    It is a very noisy environment at the moment and difficult to make head or tail of it all.

    Emerging Markets’ exposures are being questioned, oil prices are surging, South Africa’s political environment deals more fresh scandals with each passing day and the level of accountability is non-existent. The country’s current fiscal position is in dire straits, the ANC’s election race is entirely uncertain and the December elective conference of the ANC is being billed as a make or break for the country as well as the party. Not that the elective conference on its own changes all that much, but there will be some form of rekindling of hope, albeit temporary, in case of Cyril Ramaphosa taken over the reigns over the country.

    Against this…

  • Petrol Price Increases for November

    29 Oct 2017
    Petrol Price Increase South Africa

    The department of energy has released the latest petrol price adjustments for November 2017, showing a marginal increase for petrol, with a slightly bigger jump for diesel. According to the department, 93 and 95 grades of petrol will be going up by 4 cents per litre, while the wholesale price of 0.05% and 0.005% diesel will be going up by 23 and 27 cents, respectively. The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will go up by 21 cents, it said.

    The price hikes are due to the international prices of diesel increasing, while the weakness in the rand versus the dollar offset the decrease in international petrol prices. The rand depreciated against the US dollar during the period under review, on average, when compared to the previous pe…

  • Clueless Gigaba presents pointless "Mid Term Budget" and becomes now officially Butcher of Finance

    25 Oct 2017
    Clueless Minister Gigaba waiting for a Wonder!

    What did you expect? A playboy-turned- politician, who already failed at each and every task and in each and every department is now playing Minister of Finance. The result, obviously, zero; or rather sub-zero, as was his performance this afternoon giving the annual Medium Term Budget Speech where Malusi Gigaba exceeded expectations only in one discipline: disappointment!

    One would have laughed if it would not be so sad, but there stood a man without any answers, playing with shocking figures like a 2-year-old plays with radioactive rocks he accidentally found in the sand pit.

    There are no more words for trying to give the dismal state of the South African economy a friendlier paint coat, the economy is at ground zero, and so would…