Vice President embarrasses Nation by defending Load Shedding as a Sign of Growth

12 Dec 2019
Vice President Mabuza defends Load Shedding

Deputy president David Mabuza’s take on the electricity crisis left many South Africans in utter disbelief.

“The shortage of electricity is a sign of growth.”

Mabuza made this remark in parliament on Wednesday while responding to questions on youth unemployment and the fourth industrial revolution.

“Yesterday, electricity was only given to a few people. Today, electricity is given to millions of people … this economy is growing and therefore we are bound to have challenges. These challenges are very positive because they propel our growth,” he said.

Mabuza’s comments coincided with Eskom’s announcement on Wednesday that there was a possibility of load-shedding on Thursday. “Deputy president, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that one of the first and most basic requirements of any industrial revolution is, in fact, electricity,” DA MP John Steenhuisen said in reply in parliament. Mabuza’s comment did not sit well with many South Africans as it made one more time clear that positions in government are not occupied based on merits but on nepotism only. Any comment like this would even have a 5-Grader being reprimanded to be ridiculous and of total irrelevance for the matter of load shedding.

It is only the government that is to be blamed for the power crisis and which cripples the economy and brings utter desperation to businesses and residents alike.

If you now suffer less income due to load shedding, please remember: you are just growing too fast!

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