Rekindling Foreign Relationships with US and UK to end two Decades of Isolation

24 Jul 2019
Sibusiso B Moyo, Minister of Foreign Affairs Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo says his country is working to end its international isolation by normalising relations with the United States and British governments through planned meetings with their respective leaders.

Moyo had made the comments while appearing before the Kindness Paradza-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs to speak on Zimbabwe’s foreign policy, re-engagement efforts to remove the country from isolation, the Diaspora policy and foreign missions, News Day reported on Tuesday.

The foreign affairs minister explained that after two decades of being a pariah state with a high country risk for business with limited credit, Harare was implementing efforts to change its foreign policy towards re-engagement by focusing on direct investment, securing markets and increasing tourism.

He said that Zimbabweans living in the diaspora would also be encouraged to increase their remittances home and to invest in their country.

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