Consultant vs. Verificator

Verificators and Consultants

INTO SA is a BEE Consultant as well as a BEE Skills Development Facilitator, verified as an empowered Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor.

Into SA is therefore allowed to advise on the prerequisites of specific BEE Ratings for any business, whether it is for an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) or based on the generic scorecard for Large Enterprises or on the scorecard for Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE). As a Consultant, creative input may be given by Into SA on re-structuring of a company to achieve a better BEE rating. But INTO SA is not allowed to verify any BEE Scorecards.

The verification of the submitted scorecard and the B-BBEE Rating itself are carried out through the Verificator, who can be any of the independent Rating Agencies accredited with SANAS. IRBA accredited chartered accountants are no longer allowed to verify BEE scores. The Verificators are not allowed to advise the business on opportunities to reach a better score, they are only allowed to assess what is presented and to verify its content accordingly.

Enhanced recognition certificates for EME and QSE are no longer issued as certificates, but as Certificate Replacement Affidavits and – as an exception to the rule – may be drafted by the Consultant, being INTO SA.