Corporate Visa for Companies

Corporate Visa

Companies with an ongoing fluctuating need to employ foreigners – such as restaurants, hotels or call centers for example – may apply for a Corporate Visa. This visa is not issued to any foreign employee but to the employer itself, the local company. It allows a company to recruit an agreed number of foreigners for positions, which the company has applied for at the Department of Home Affairs. The company has more security to be issued with corporate workers visa for their employees within a short period of time and can therefore plan more reliably.

This rather complicated and long-winding visa to apply for under section 20(1)© of the new Immigration Regulations additionally require proof of Tax Registrations and Registrations with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) as well as Workers Compensation Fund and the supervising National Professional Body as well as the necessary letters from the Departments of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Labour (DoL), section 20(1)(b), but will only be issued for a period of three years (previously five).

The applying company needs further to issue an undertaking not to employ less than 60% South African Citizens or Permanent Resident Holders and will have to pay a repatriation fee, section 20(5)(f).

Also the previous possibility to replace a vacated position based on the same Worker’s Certificate has been abolished and employees on a Corporate Worker’s Visa will not be able to extend or change the Visa into another Category, it still does not count towards a permanent residence permit and the corporate worker will have also to prove his or her skills with a SAQA Certificate, section 20(9)(g), and provide a certificate of confirmation of his or her registration with a professional body, whether such exists in his or her line of work or not, section 20(9)(h).