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Corporate Legal Services

INTO SA teams assist in a wide variety of legal fields, ranging from general consulting to the draft and review of any legal document, from company to labour law and from the laws of empowerment to the laws on estates. When entering Sub-Saharan Africa – no matter where – knowledge of the legal, fiscal and economic prerequisites of conducting business are the key to success.

Into SA assists and informs in about any area of the economy and with regard to all industry sectors. The eAFRICA Services cover especially, without being limited to:

  • Company Incorporations
  • BEE and CEE Compliance
  • Licenses, Approvals and Permits
  • Immigration Visas
  • Tax Registrations
  • Banking & FOREX

Into SA believes in a holistic approach and will advise its clients, where changes or omissions on one side of the business scope might affect other aspects of the business in any adverse or detrimental way. The unity and congruence of the decisions made and integrated into each company’s own legal and fiscal framework will ultimately determine the safety and the success of any business in Sub-Saharan Africa!

eAFRICA Platform

Companies interested in engaging in business opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa can sign up as members of the eAFRICA Platform, a unique source of contacts, information, assistance and guidance to unlocking business opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tender opportunities and establishment facilitation is offered or an increasing variety of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and for a wide range of business and industry sectors. The membership assures to be provided with the latest updates on legal frameworks, political stability and economic key factors to ensure new contracts in an environment that is safe and successful.