Levels of Engagement

Product Representation across Africa

Into SA clients can register at any time to become members of the eAFRICA Platform and may – at any given time and subject to the terms and conditions – disengage from it. In this context eAFRICA offers four different engagement levels:

  • Level I – Representation

Participation in eAFRICA will offer any company or individual interested to engage in business activities in any of the countries, which are already enabled on the Platform, to be represented – virtually or physically. Based on the successful eOFFICE concept, Into SA maintains physical representation as well as work and meeting facilities in those countries. This on-site representation is the first level of corporate engagement in Africa, giving the client – independent from any incorporated legal presence – a physical presence through representation.

  • Level II – Introduction & Workshops

On the second level of engagement, eAFRICA facilitates the introduction of the Client to prospective business partners, government representatives or the administration in each country. Introductions are non-binding and all related networking events and workshops are hosted by Into SA either in the target country or by invitation of all interested parties to South Africa. The Introduction-Level also provides all necessary legal, economic, fiscal and political information that is necessary to arrive at informed decisions and to prevent disappointment on any subsequent level.

  • Level IIILegal Framework

After the Introduction-Level yielded a successful identification of partners or interested parties within the public or private sector, Into SA assists in the preparation of any further steps by creating the legal and administrative framework, incorporating local requirements and idiosyncrasies to prepare the Client for any further engagement, ranging from whole Company Set-Ups to all operational requirements including Visas, Tax Registrations and compliance with any local content, indigenisation or empowerment policy.

  • Level IV – Drafts & Submission

At the final level specialised and locally versed members of the Into SA Teams and Networks will assist our Client with the drafts and submission of legal documents such as Letters of Intent, Joint Venture Agreements or Tenders Applications and supporting documentation, chair contract negotiations and facilitate the finalisation of any terms and conditions under which future business shall be conducted.

Every Client, who has been guided by Into SA though all four levels of the eAFRICA Platform enjoys the full support of local and international contacts, networks and expertise, out of one hand and with the quality standards they are used from Into SA. With its eAFRICA Platform Into SA adds light and success to anyone doing business on the “Dark Continent”.