Access to 49 African Countries

African Regions

In July 2014 Into SA has launched the eAFRICA Platform. Driven by the high number of enquiries from its international corporate clients to supply them with economic, political and fiscal information on other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, it transpired that most of them are seeking contact to the various governments , parastatals, associations and local distributors in order to participate in their procurement process and offer their sophisticated products and services.

Into SA has over the past three years already intensified its contacts to various political stable and economically prosperous African countries and completed a comprehensive due diligence study on all 49 Sub-Saharan African countries in order to assess the legislative frameworks, political stabilities, fiscal abilities and subsequently the prospect and the conditions for its clients to get involved in their economies, being it as an investor, business partner, tender applicant or market observer. The findings of the due diligence study and the various meetings with representatives of the countries’ industries, government and bilateral organisations and associations have led to Into SA’s eAFRICA Platform, the unique gateway for going into business in sub-Saharan Africa.