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Ludger Pooth

Senior Researcher (Economy & Politics)

Originally from Germany, Ludger Pooth lives in Cape Town since 2000. His media career with German newspapers, radio and television brought him around the globe, including conflict areas, such as Ex-Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Somalia and Zimbabwe. Ludger Pooth worked as the Africa correspondent for n-tv, the German news channel, then as a freelancing correspondent and TV producer for public and private broadcasters in Germany reporting all of Southern Africa.
He is journalist of the old school, penetrative in investigation, carefully in summary and with discernment in publishing. Into SA’s media man is a veteran officer and was a lecturer at the media faculty oft the Military Academy of the German Armed Forces. Ludger´s field comprises politics, especially military and defence policy, economics and society. In 2013 he joined Into SA, placing his skills and experience in research, political analysis and publishing as the Senior Administrative Researcher in the Cape Town office.

Languages: German, English