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Lula Gebreyesus

Into SA Representative East Africa

Lula Gebreyesus is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Africa Institute for Policy Analysis and Economic Integration (AIPA). Ms Gebreyesus and her colleagues, selected and commissioned the team of leading economists who formulated AIPA’s economic democratisation research program on South Africa. Prior to her association with AIPA she worked for sixteen years with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and eight years with the Preferential Trade Area of Eastern and Southern Africa States now (COMESA). She led most successful investment research for Rwanda that was used for the first investment conference in Rwanda. In the 80s, she played a leading role in the establishment of the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Eastern and Southern African States. She recently visited Chambers of Commerce and Industry in seven African countries. Her knowledge on the needs of investment in Africa is research based and up to date.

Lula works very closely with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern African States (COMESA) and several universities in South Africa.

Languages: English, Suaheli