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25 Years of Advice in Sub-Saharan Africa

Doing Business in South, Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa has its challenges, but with the right partner and the right Knowledge it will lead to Success! INTO SA is YOUR multi-disciplinary Advisory Partner, who provides any business with the Experience, Transparency and Integrity to succeed in Sub-Saharan Africa since 1995. More than 400 successful Business Establishments with a total investment of just over 500 million US Dollars give testimony to the fact that providing new ventures with old knowledge will inevitably lead to success.

Into SA assists across Sub-Saharan Africa with:

  • Branch, Subsidiary and Company Incorporation & Set-up
  • Immigration Advice and Visa Applications
  • BEE and Economic Empowerment Compliance
  • Tax registrations, Licenses and Renewals
  • Cross-Border Payments through Central Banks
  • Imports and Distribution

Into SA South Africa and its subsidiaries are recognised as Level 1 BEE Contributors and together with its network of reliable local partners provides all clients with a dedicated multi-lingual team of legal, fiscal and economic experts to restore lost potential due to COVID-19 and to unlock new potential in this formerly thriving economy. 

Into SA Zimbabwe and its subsidiaries have weathered and endured the political, economic and fiscal challenges leading up to the second Republic and are advising foreign businesses on the right path to rebuild the former “Switzerland” of Africa as front-runners in re-engaging the remainders of the local economy. 

Into SA Tanzania remains the driver to facilitate cooperation and joint ventures for international companies and to assist with Public Tenders and Government Contracts by overcoming the often detrimental idiosyncrasies of this nation and its leadership.

Beyond that, Into SA offers a unique gateway to access any market in Sub-Saharan Africa by facilitating and assisting with the establishing of Branches, Subsidiaries and Brands for any international company or entrepreneur. Via its renown platform “eAFRICA” Into SA clients are given the opportunities to take part in Public Tenders, Public-Private Partnerships and any form of Cross-Border Cooperation or Joint Venture, transparent and corruption-free. 

Into SA offers an extensive Information Library, which offers the free download of individual Laws and Regulations (eLAW), various Information Leaflets on local legal, fiscal or economic issues (eINFO) and selected bilateral treaties (eTREATY) for each country in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

For more information about all services, please browse this WebPage or download the Company Brochure of Into SA (ePROFILE).

Into SA Offices Closed

Due to the ongoing world-wide coronavirus pandemic and following the lockdown regulations under the respective Disaster Management Legislations, the South African, Zimbabwean and Tanzanian offices of Into SA are currently closed and only allowed and essential services are rendered through a network of Home Offices. Therefore delays in communication and postponed attendance to formerly initiated matters might occur until such time, when the borders of the respective countries are fully open again. 

Despite the above, the Southern African Offices of Into SA will also closed on the following, upcoming National Public Holidays: 

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Into SA Offices Closed

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the Presidential Order for an extended nation-wide lockdown, the Into SA offices in South Africa remain closed until Stage 2 COVID Alert Level is reached, which is anticiüated – though not confirmed – around 15 July 2020. In any event, the Southern African offices will also be closed due to the following Public Holidays:

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Interviews and Podcasts on Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa

Business Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Türk TV Business Channel, Istanbul (Turkey) with an Interview of Ralph M Ertner on Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa:
• Introductions
• Legal Frameworks
• Political Stability
• Risks & Opportunities

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The Basics of Black Economic Empowerment

The African Business Hour with an interview on the Basics of BEE covering the variety of Scorecards and how BEE Ratings are done:
• History of BEE
• Broad-based Economic Empowerment
• EME, QSE and GENERIC Scorecards
• BEE Advice vs. BEE Verification
• BEE Levels and Scorecard Thresholds

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Work Visas – Between Secondment and Critical Skills

The African Business Hour with an interview on the different types of Work Visas available in South Africa:
• General Work Visa
• Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa
• Critical Skills Work Visa
• S11(2) Tourist Visa with Work Permission

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Excellent Company Secretarial Service


Thanks for your support in the last 2 years. Please note, your excellent service quality impress us, and we will for sure come back to you, meanwhile, we will recommend other companies to approach you for company secretarial service.


Benson W. (China)

Compliments to Immigration Department

Dear Raph,

I just wanna say thank you and compliment your staff Gabriela and Kabelo for the huge help to fix my work permit.

Best wishes for the festive season to you and all your staff.

Vito C. (Italy)

Best Professionals in Town

Super, thanks, Karina.

And please say hello to Ralph. Looks like he is always surrounded by the best professionals in town.

Frank H. (United Emirates)
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