Law of Estates

Without the vast variety of foreign skilled labour, none of the African countries would be able to increase production, productivity and the service landscape. For those expatriates it is important to recognise that their existing Last Will and Testament back home might not comply with African law and therefore might be partially or in toto invalid. There is also the risk that certain assets (properties, vehicles, shares, claims…), sometimes acquired after the latest draft or due to unknown legislation, are not covered by any last will or testament. Beside this any African law of estates might provide provisions that enable the testator to direct or bequeath in a way, which the known law back at the country of origin might not allow.

Over and above more and more clients wish to safeguard their bodies and believes through Living Wills and to secure an orderly burial or cremation by having a proper Burial Directive.

Into SA informs about the legal provisions of any African Law of Estates, advises on possibilities to structure Wills, Patient Wills / Living Wills or Burial Directives and drafts the final documents and offers the services of its skilled directors as executors of the estate.

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