Legal Consulting

The statutory law in African countries differs in most of its fields from the legal systems in Europe, Asia or America. Contractual clauses that are valid in other countries might be illegal in South Africa and vice versa. Also the legal interpretation and scope of most provisions will differ significantly from what one knows of its own legal system and bear the danger of negligent illegal behaviour.

The legal roots – among others Roman-Dutch law – further confront companies as much as individuals with extensive case law, where it poses the highest risk of being caught unaware of legal consequences – be it civil or criminal.

Into SA advises comprehensive the various legal regimes, provisions and directives, codified and based on case law, and also informs and warns of immanent changes in the law like the recent or pending changes in the Company Law, Immigration Law or through completely new Acts like the South African Consumer Protection Act.

Into SA further assists with drafting and reviewing any type of legal document be it required between parties or to support applications or pending court cases. They include without being limited to:

  • Sale Agreements for Shares, Property or any other Titles and Rights
  • Lease and Rental Agreements for movable and immovable Property
  • Letters of Appointment and Employment Contracts
  • Loan and Hire Purchase Agreements as well as Acknowledgements of Debt
  • Service Agreements
  • General as well as specific Terms & Conditions
  • Last Will & Testament, Living Will and Burial Directives
  • Affidavits to bi signed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths
  • General and Special Power of Attorneys
  • Ordinary and Special Company Resolutions

The legal team of Into SA consists of local as well s international lawyers, legal advisors and paralegals. They offer legal drafts based on latest legislation and pride themselves in fast turn-around times. Their scope of work and commitments go far beyond the mere drafting and often also involve the communication, negotiation or dispute resolution between parties. Some of the documents that are typically required and drafted as well as reviewed by Into SA are: 



Shareholder Agreement

Ordinary / Special Resolution

Sale of Share Agreement

Power of Attorney

Employment Contract

Undertaking (LoU)

Property Sales Agreement

Acknowledgement of Debt

Vehicle Sales Agreement

Last Will & Testament

Franchise Agreement

Living Will / Medical Power of Attorney

Franchise Regulation Framework

Letter of Intent (LoI)


General Terms & Conditions

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

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