ANC Illusion to appoint two Deputy Presidents

The ANC has now lost its touch with reality completely. In recent developments within the ANC the intention was made clear to appoint two deputy presidents. Although such changes would pave the way for Baleka Mbete, the party’s national chairperson, to return to the executive, such a move would require an amendment to the constitution and the agreement of opposition parties to achieve a two-thirds majority. For once they will not reach a two third majority in the upcoming elections, and secondly none of the opposition parties is likely to agree.

If – against all odds – such an amendment to the constitution indeed takes place, President Jacob Zuma will appoint ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa as his first deputy to assist Zuma with the running of the country and Mbete’s role would be to focus on governance.

Sweet Dreams ANC, your alarm clock is set for 7 May 2014!

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