ANC is gaining Voters again – Majority in next Elections looms

To the despair of any democratic and anti-corruption mind the ANC appears on track to dominate its sixth straight national election in May 2019 as it increasingly wins back supporters alienated by former President Jacob Zuma’s scandal-marred rule, an opinion poll released this morning shows. Ramaphoria seems to have survived the added scandals and ill-appointments of Zuma Sycophants as Ministers have not led to to unveil the true nature of politics in South Africa….shocking!

61% of 3 571 adults interviewed face-to-face by research company Ipsos between October 23 and December 4 last year said they’d vote for the ANC, while 14% said they’d back the Democratic Alliance, 9% the Economic Freedom Fighters and 2% the Inkatha Freedom Party.

No other party polled more than 1% support. 6% of respondents said they wouldn’t vote or didn’t know who they’d support, and 5% declined to answer.

The ANC won power in the nation’s first multiracial elections in 1994 and secured 62.2% support in the last national vote in 2014, but its share tumbled to 54.5% in a municipal vote in 2016, largely due to discontent over Zuma’s rule. Mostly due to the quarrels within the opposition but also banking on the uneducated masses of voters, the ANC might yet again add five years of plundering the country. Sad affairs!

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