ANC slowly but surely “waking up to smell the Roses”

It had to be only a matter of time, before the ANC finally realises that they have to take drastic measures in order to prolong, what is inevitably coming to an end: their Rule!

While the loss of *all* major metropolitan areas in the recent municipal elections should have been wake-up call enough, it took the public reactions to Pravin Gordhan commenting on the witch-hunt against him initiated by the ANC and executed by the controversial investigation unit “Hawks”. Gordhan was not hiding as first report emanated that the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) would be arresting him and his former SARS colleagues, to the contrary, he publicly affirmed his intention “… to protect and fight for this country and its constitutional principles!”. This made it crystal-clear that Gordhan will not stop looking into the maladministration and corruption-tainted public procurement contracts entered into by ANC officials.

Finally, the ANC is shaken up, hopefully enough to call for an early Elective Conference, which most definitely will address the in-house fighting between factions as well as the widely negative perception of their “Leadership”. Maybe this country, beaten and milked, will not have to wait until 2019, but in the meantime we might fall even deeper, if the NPA follows through with the intention to oust the current Minister of Finance, which will – also prematurely – lead to the long-dreaded downgrade by international credit rating agencies!

The next weeks and months will be nothing short of fascinating, as the new DA-run Municipalities will set new standards across the country in an attempt to reverse 20 years of nepotistic governance without service delivery.

*By the way*: … the constitution provides for a full catalogue of reasons, why National Elections may come earlier!

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