Botswana stopps accepting Emergency Travel Documents

The Department of Home Affairs wishes to advise all international travellers wishing to visit Botswana, that the government of Botswana has notified governments that it no longer accept emergency travel documents for routine visits to their country.In a diplomatic note to governments including the South African government, the Botswana government said “the Republic of Botswana wishes to communicate a notice from the Immigration Department informing that travellers using emergency travel documents will not be admitted to the Republic of Botswana for routine visits. Only those travelling under circumstances of emergency will be admitted under the authority of an emergency travel document.” The use of emergency travel documents will be limited only to emergency situations, which must be supported by documentary proof, which will enable Botswana authorities to allow such visitors to their country. It should be hereby noted to any person wishing to travel to Botswana to make the necessary arrangements to acquire travel documents that will enable them to enter Botswana without any hindrance.

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