Child Travel easier – Travel Restrictions abolished

Visa Extended Last Minute

The current policy and regulation amendments are as erratic as the mental health state of those in charge of the Management of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

While infection figures soared to 4 400 in one day and the death toll rises hourly, President Ramaphosa only tightened regulations by declaring Nelson Mandela Bay a Hot Spot, the only one in the country that is now facing stricter regulations to prevent the spread of the virus. But while everyone is in agreement that the lack of discipline especially in the Western and Eastern Cape should be met with new restrictions, a variety of travel restrictions have been lifted and restrictive measures abolished to make travelling to and inside South Africa easier:

Child Travel

Children up to the age of 5 years do not have to wear a mask anymore and children, in general, will not be subjected to a COVID Test via a swab inside their noes if they do not agree.

Access to Airport Terminals

The restrictions of access to airport terminals for personnel, diplomats and travellers only have been lifted and everyone may now access any of the South African Airports, be it to pick up, drop off or assist with luggage.

Secondary Airports open for Charter

The following airports are now open for private charter flights:

  • Lanseria
  • Bram Fischer
  • Kruger Mpumalanga
  • Polokwane
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Upington

No more Red List

The Red List of countries from which travellers are banned to enter the Republic has now also been abolished and every traveller, whether for business or Leisure, may enter South Africa provided he or she is in possession of a negative COVID Test Certificate, which dates not older than 72 hours prior to departure.

That means in essence that all we might achieve through discipline inside the country might be thwarted by visitors from countries with soaring infection figures of the second wave, such as Germany, Austria, the US or even Brazil.


One cannot for any reason commend President Ramaphosa and his NCCC tor any of the steps taken. The measures that crippled the economy and affected all residents of South Africa, in the beginning, have now – at a time where they have finally become justifiable – been abolished. Why? Because none of the members of the NCCC nor the politicians in charge has currently any further opportunities to embezzle more funds and to enrich themselves and their goons on the back of Corona Pandemic Regulations.

That’s why!

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