City of Tshwane announces Water Restrictions

The City of Tshwane, yesterday, announced the re-instatement of Water Restrictions in terms of Clause 19 of the Water Supply By-Law, Notice 468 of 24 July 2014.

The restrictions specifically applied to the following:

* Watering/irrigating gardens with a hosepipe or sprinkler from 06h00 to 18h00;
* Washing of vehicles with hosepipes; and
* Filling of swimming pools

h3. Reasons

The National Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) published a notice in the Government Gazette, Notice 910 of 12 August 2016, stating that drawing water from the Integrated Vaal River System should be limited. The limitation for taking drawing water from the Vaal River System by urban and irrigation users are as follows:

* 15% of curtailment on urban water use in the afore-mentioned areas;
* 20% of curtailment on irrigation water use in the aforementioned areas; and,
* The limitation applies from the date of this notice until further notice.

p. This briefing is intended to inform the public and other stakeholders of the measures we are putting in place to conserve water and to manage increased demand through water restrictions, and to manage water shortage due to drought, heat waves and other seasonal changes.

p. The City of Tshwane is therefore obliged to comply with the notice and reduce its water consumption by 15%. We receive 72 % of our bulk water from Rand Water, but we also source 28% of our water from our own treatment plants and boreholes.

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