The Country celebrates and Rand strengthens as Gigaba resigns

What a relief when the news hit the internet last night that Malusi Gigaba, Chief Incompetent, and Minister of Home Affairs, finally resigned.

His move was almost as eagerly awaited as once Jacob Zuma’s as he is one of the last ministers in cabinet that kept close ties to the Guptas and lied to the People as well as to the Courts.

His testimonies around the citizenship he granted to the Gupta Brothers while receiving them also “privately”, his lies under oath in front of court (perjury), his sex-tape that circulates on Social Media and him showing the finger in Parliament ae just a tip of the iceberg, which describes Gigaba’s political failures. His agonising visa rules for travelling children and openly xenophobic policy towards skilled foreigners assisting in the country’s infrastructure projects were the center of much debate, but an elusive and defiant Gigaba made any progress stop in its tracks.

His nepotistic appointment based on the fact that he was a 100% Zuma Sycophant instead being based on merits brought a lot of projects to the brink of collapse. His public “justification” that he resigns only to spare his “friend” Ramaphosa the burden of his media attention is a big bag full of …… you know what!

Gigaba was a chancer, a political opportunist and ANC-licensed gold-digger, a type of politician of which Africa – unfortunately – is still full of. With his resignation it is “one down, many to go”, but it is an opportunity to replace him with someone who embraces Home Affairs for the benefit of the citizens and foreigners visiting alike. Good examples were given in the past, Buthelezi and Pandor come to mind, surely not the totally inept Blade Nzimande, who was made – for now – acting minister. There is hope in the upcoming appointment and the chance for President Ramaphosa to show his people that Gigaba was the result of honoring what was promised pre-ZEXIT and that he now free from those shackles and able to make an appointment based on merits.

Hold thumbs, it can only get better!

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