Deadline for Drivers License Renewals finally extended

In the 11th hour, mercy was shown to plagued motorists having tried to renew their driver’s licenses but failed. Minister Fikile Mbalula – best known for his silence or absence in important matters – has finally granted an extension to the deadline for renewals until 31 March 2022.

It is difficult to understand what the honourable Minister was thinking in leaving the extension to the last minute and yet still not dealing with plenty of proposals by the Democratic Alliance on how to resolve the current issues around the renewal procedures and online booking system. Following the pattern of his incompetent ANC compatriots, he prefers to bask in power and to enjoy regular salaries rather than facing confrontation or tackling difficult tasks at hand. This task at hand is simply to enable 1.2 million (sic!) expired license cards to be renewed, given the current backlog of 500 000 (admitted by Mbabula).

Similar to Minister Motsoaledi (Home Affairs), their unique talents are reduced to be absent from work and being void of any communication skills. Both Ministers enjoy leaving crucial deadlines unextended until the last minute to punish those affected. Why punish? It is the punishment of those having either foreign passports or owning cars, a consequence of the xenophobic and communistic ideology adopted by the ANC and relentlessly shoved down the public throat.

Anyway, just be reminded if you are stopped with an expired driver’s license: It is the card that expired, not the license. The driving license itself does not explore, ever! Therefore if fined, it can only be for not being in possession of the document proving your license, but NOT for driving without a license.

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