Debts increased by 3.15%

Kenya’s total debt increased by 3.15% in the year ended July from a month earlier, reflecting higher borrowing in the local and foreign markets, the ministry of finance said. The East African nation, which is planning a debut Eurobond for up to US$ 2bn “(See original news article!)(Read original News Article on Into SA eNEWS)”:, owed a total of 1.96 trillion shillings, or 53.3% of its annual output, to creditors at home and abroad.

Rated sub-investment grade at B1 with a stable outlook by Moody’s last November, Kenya has a sustainable public debt with very low risk of external debt problems, the International Monetary Fund said in July. The external debt, which is 44.8% of the total, had an average interest rate of 1.9% with an average maturity of 36.2 years, reflecting the government’s preference for concessional debt from institutions like The World Bank. Outstanding local debt had an average maturity of 5.3 years, unchanged from the previous period, the Treasury said.

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