ELECTIONS: DA and ANC currently tied in Race for Pretoria and Johannesburg (Gauteng)

After 48% of the votes in Gauteng have been counted, the ANC and the DA are in a dead heat for the City of Tshwane, with the parties tied at 42.96% of the votes each for the first time today as well as in the municipality “City of Johannesburg”, one of the other 10 municipalities in Gauteng, both around 42.5%.

This news follows Nelson Mandela Bay and Koega in the Eastern Cape falling under DA and closing in on 50%. Both municipalities are considered the economic hubs of the Eastern cape as they host e.g. FAW and a variety of other heavy-weights in the manufacturing industry.

The Gauteng Municipalities Midvaal and Emfuleni are also DA governed for now, which brings the total to 4 out of 11 municipalities.

Will Gauteng fall? Will Zuma dance to that as well?

_(Election Map: Green = ANC, Blue = DA, Red = EFF, Yellow = ICOSA)_

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