Electronic Bill will speed up Property Registrations

Good news amongst the general frustration: a new law will assist property owners and developers with speedier registrations and will take a lot of unnecessary time at the Deeds Office away from the conveyancers. The electronic deeds registration bill will decrease turnaround time and registration of property, says Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti. “The electronic system we plan to implement through the electronic deeds registration bill will allow us to achieve universal, countrywide access to deeds registration and surveyor-general’s services,” Nkwinti said in a speech prepared for delivery at a workshop on land reform and land ownership held in Johannesburg. “It will decrease turnaround time for approval and registration of property.”

He said the deeds office processed almost a million registrations per annum manually. The legislation will have an immediate impact once operational, Nkwinti said. “This bill will allow for the current paper-based system for lodgement and registration of deeds to lodge electronically. Currently, a conveyancer is required to appear in front of the registrar of deeds.” The bill would be introduced to Parliament for consideration during the current financial year, said Nkwinti.

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