ESKOM delays Start of Nuclear Program

It came with no surprise – considering the time schedules of Medupi and Kusile – that the Start of the Nuclear Program is already delayed.

Eskom’s bid to kick-start the nuclear procurement programme hit a speed bump on Thursday when it postponed issuing the request for information (RFI). Acting Eskom CEO Matshela Koko stated earlier this week that the RFI, which forms the non-financial part of the overall request for proposals (RFP), would be started this week and Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe confirmed that the RFI would be released on Thursday, but then alerted the interested parties to a delay caused by a board decision for a sub-committee to have one final review of the RFI. Sound familiar?

“This determination from government was done yesterday,” he said, referring to the gazette that moved the procuring agent of nuclear from the Department of Energy to Eskom. “After that determination, Eskom needed to follow certain processes at a board level. That is why they have delayed the issuing of the RFI.” He said Eskom now expects to issue the RFI on Monday or Tuesday.

That will then be the day that Eskom and Necsa’s collaborative team officially starts the process to procure a fleet of nuclear power stations to add 9.6 GW to the grid. For those who are still opposed to a new Nuclear Power Plant: Nothing to worry, the government actually does not really intend to operate one, they will only use it as a vehicle to further line their pockets as their incompetence will forever prevent another Nuclear Powerplant to be built by them!

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