ESKOM: Incompetence Level 4 here to stay…..

For those who missed the news, the ANC Clowns responsible for the downgrade and downfall of this beautiful country are still free and playing with your lives as bad as they can.

As easy as 1, 2, 3 and 4 has stopped to be a children’s game, Load Shedding Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 have now become daily reality….and for now, Stage 4 is here to stay, today, tomorrow, together … in the Dark!

Adding some salt to the wounds, the water levels in Gauteng are now so dangerously low that facing the rainless winter, South Africans are facing beside hour-long power outages also water shortages. But back to EISHKOM:

Level 4 means the country is short of 4 000 MW … yes, you heard right: 4 Giga Watt. That is nothing that happens overnight, that accrues over time by neglecting maintenance intervals, not procuring proper coal, not finishing improvements and repairs on time or simply for more than a decade dragging the utility to the financial slaughterhouse instead of finishing the power plants in Medupi and Kusile.

Level 4 does not mean it can be blamed on the cut power lines to Cahora Bassa Hydro Power Plant due to the Cyclone as we receive at best 900 MW from there, it means instead that ESKOM spokesperson, DoE and ANC continue telling the public one lie after the other because nobody would know the truth anyway …

Level 4 also means that your few short intervals without power are now becoming a real nuisance: work stands still, your freezer and fridge start to warm up, the battery back-ups for door locks and alarm system are not fully charged anymore and if you have an aquarium, well start saying good-bye to your marine friends!

ESKOM whines that it loses billions in revenue…..REALLY? Even if not, you would be still the utility with the highest debt in the world, the debt services alone would have eaten what was lost in income and if ESKOM would be private, it would have been liquidated long ago and the directors locked up for fraudulent and intentionally delayed bankruptcy. But not in South Africa: criminal activities by state representatives and administrations are ANC policy, and that policy is currently dolled up in time for the elections to re-elect, who had imprisoned you for the last two decades….

”Stockholm Syndrome” it is called, look it up!

… ahhh I forgot: you have no electricity! Too Bad!

ANC 1 – Public 0

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