Fibre Optic Cable from Brazil in 2018

The installation of the submarine fibre optic cable that will connect Angola to Brazil is expected to be completed in 2018, a project estimated to cost US$170 million, the chairman of Angola Cables said recently in Luanda.

António Nunes, speaking on the sidelines of a conference on the state of telecommunications in Angola, said that the company is working to ensure that Internet access reaches the most remote places in the country quickly, at a time when fibre optic cables are already installed in various regions. Nunes pointed out, however, that for the interior of the country to have easy access to information and broadband Internet, “it will also be necessary to improve infrastructure, such as roads and other public places,” according to newspaper Jornal de Angola.

Easy access to information and broadband Internet has already been used successfully in several activities, most notably mining, which uses robots in various operations. “This has the effect of increasing productivity and reducing costs, which may favour the diversification of the national economy,” said Nunes, adding that the same example can be followed in the agricultural sector with the installation of sensors that may increase production levels.

Angola Cables is an Angolan telecommunications company that operates in the wholesale market and is engaged in the exploration and commercialisation of international voice and data circuits through submarine cables.

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