First Independent Power Producer (IPP) approved

The House of Parliament on Thursday 29th May 2014 unanimously ratified a power purchase agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and Copperbelt Energy Cooperation (CEC) Africa, Sierra Leone Limited. The Project will represent a 220M US Dollar investment into the economy as well as creating jobs for two hundred people during the construction work and additional jobs when its fully commences operation. The agreement was laid on the table of parliament on Friday 23rd May 2014. Presenting the Power Purchase Agreement the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Frank Kargbo said his government and CEC Africa signed the agreement on the 14th May 2014 for the construction of a 128 Mega Watt power plant. He informed that the capacity will become available gradually for four years. He also told the Honorable House that it is an independent power producer that has the propensity to promote the economy of Sierra Leone and see through the Agenda for Prosperity. Further, he said this will enable unbundling of the power sector within Sierra Leone. He said, CEC will sell its power exclusively to the National Power Authority (NPA).

In his contribution, Hon. Sidi Tunis of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) said the project will help to improve the inadequate supply of electricity supply to Freetown. He went on; “it is no secret that Freetown and its environs are struggling with perpetual electricity shortage”. He said there will now be adequate supply of energy in Freetown.

Hon. Sualiho M. Koroma of SLPP representing Constituency 67, Bo City said no country can develop without electricity and safe drinking water. He said the agreement will promote job creation for the people of Sierra Leone. He also used this opportunity to ask government to give more support to provide safe drinking water.

Hon. Keifala Sheku Conteh of APC representing Constituency 98 Western Area said with the ratification of the agreement Sierra Leone was entering a new era for investor boom. He disclosed that the power plant is going to be constructed in his constituency at Wellington east end of Freetown. He said the agreement was a clear manifestation that government cares for the people. According to him, based on his own research, CEC is a reputable company currently providing electricity in Zambia, Namibia and Nigeria.

Other MPs also made similar contributions before the agreement was unanimously approved.

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