Foreign Investments down in 2013, China before SA, UK and Russia

South African businesses invested close to US$ 40m in Zimbabwe in 2013, official figures have shown. According to latest data from the Zimbabwe Investment Authority, South Africa poured US$ 38.7m into Zimbabwean investments. China, however, remained Zimbabwe’s biggest source of investment, with the Asian country investing close to $400m in 2013. China constituted 50% of the US$ 685.8m worth of investment approvals in 2013, with the bulk coming from mining proposals totalling US$ 214m.

h3. Manufacturing

The Chinese powerhouse invested US$ 389.5m into various sectors such as agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, mining, services and tourism. Other countries who significantly invested in Zimbabwe include the UK with US$ 34m, mainly towards manufacturing and Russia at US$ 40.1m.

Zimbabwe’s total investment figure of US$ 685.8m was however down from the US$ 909m recorded in 2012.

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