Foreign Investors about to target Health Care Market

Following the outing at the just concluded Medic West African Exhibition, 2016, there are indications that opportunities generated will lead to a revolution in the country’s healthcare system. Of note were international health facilities and organisations that showed interest to partner with stakeholders in the Nigeria’s healthcare sector.

One of such was the Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, SGHD. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on medical tourism abroad by Nigerians seeking one medical attention or the other. Sadly, government is yet to find an answer to stem the tide. Worse still, the state of Teaching Hospitals is a cause for concern. With the recession occasioned by the dwindling oil revenue, the purchase of new equipment and replacement of obsolete ones is hardly anticipated; thus a worsening situation of the healthcare facilities. To compound the problem, the Naira devaluation has made the cost of procurement of the equipment needed in the hospitals, as with other things, prohibitive. However, hope may be on the horizon for Nigerians with ailments such as lung and kidney disease, cancer, among others as plans are in top gear to establish a branch of the Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, SGHD in Nigeria. With 400-bed facilities spread all over the Middle East and North Africa, health watchers are of the view that its presence in Nigeria would contribute to a better healthcare for Nigerians.

Manager, Business Development International, Dr. George Davis and International Patients Affairs Advisor, Semira Dikbas, said they have been to the country several times in the last one year to study the environment and for the right partners. “The visit is to further consolidate earlier one, and to present our services to Nigerians. For the meantime, in case of medical indication, checkup, medical tourism and other services, the patient has to visit our hospital in Dubai. “The cost of our services, compared to India, is slightly higher but very affordable. It would come down when we come to Nigeria.” Cosmetrix, a centre for plastic surgery, one of the new additions to a range of services provided by the SGHD, was also on display; adding glamour and traffic. Botox, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, fillers, abdominoplasty, etc., are services offered at the Centre.

“We go to India for medical tourism, and Dubai for business and leisure; now with Saudi German Hospital Dubai, we have all in one place.”

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