#GuptaGate sees laughing Zuma watching Maimane being kicked out of National Assembly and DA Walk-Out

When questioned about the Gupta family now appointing Minsters and contesting the statement by President Zuma, that the Rand was not already in distress when Nhlanhla Nene took over leads to DA Leader Mmusi Maimane being kicked out of the National Assembly while President Zuma is only laughing. In consequence all DA MPs leave the Assembly.

It is now official: Not even GuptaGate will stop this administration, the ruling party and its leader continue turning National Politics into a Puppet Theatre of unreal dimensions, or as a MP stated today: How can you, President, be getting richer and richer, new plane, higher salary and public funds for private ventures while the poor are getting poorer and poorer?

Zuma: ” …hahahahaha” !

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