Hard Lockdown Level 5 now looms as 83 Countries have banned Travellers from South Africa

International Ban against South Africa

With the Coronavirus and its mutations wreaking havoc in South Africa and new infection cases exceeding 18 000 per day, President Ramaphosa is currently consulting with the WHO and the Corona Command Council (NCCC) to reach a decision for implementing a hard lockdown with Level 5 consequences. By this morning 83 countries (marked red in map) have banned flights and visits from South Africa, pretty much isolating the country on an international level.

Inner circles report that the new restrictions could come as early as Saturday but most likely not later than Sunday night with another televised “Family Meeting” scheduled by the President. The anticipated consequences are:

  • Extension of curfew;
  • Limited movements outside homes and between provinces;
  • Non-essential businesses to be closed;
  • Bars & Restaurants to be closed;
  • Complete ban of alcohol sales and public consumption;
  • Land borders will be closed;
  • Public parks and beaches may experience limited access;
  • Strict limitations of funeral attendances; and
  • Closing of all venues that allow gatherings of more than 10 people.

Government Departments, especially the Department of Home Affairs, will discontinue most of their services. As far as foreigners are concerned, it is expected that Dlamini-Zuma will extend the State of Disaster until End of July or End of August and all temporary residence visa will be automatically extended.

Please stay tuned for further updates!

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