Ignorant Zuma blames Apartheid (sic!) for Blackouts

Zuma told delegates on Friday at the Young Communist League’s congress in Cape Town that, well, South Africa’s energy problems were a product of apartheid and government was not to blame for the blackouts.

News24 reported him saying “The problem [is] the energy was structured racially to serve a particular race, not the majority,” He went on to claim the ANC had inherited the power utility from the previous regime which had only provided electricity to the white minority and in twenty years of democracy 11 million households had electricity. Double of what was in 1994.

Is he seriously going to deny the warnings, the constant reminders for the need for preparing for growth and a ton more events that happened that well, INFORMED AND WARNED them about this very situation we find ourselves in now.
We can find a million more things to say to him but it would be rude to express our emotions with a special set of words not acceptable in public. So…

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