Is there Good News these Days?

Winter-solstice, the shortest day of the year was on 21 June and one must wonder, if short days shouldn’t be appreciated in light of the current news headlines: “Horror Hike in Petrol Price”, “Mandela on Life Support”, “Burning Barricades on Cape Town Highway” or “more than 100 Rhinos Poached so far in 2013”. Comes evening, breathing, another day over, …relived! – Really? Is there nothing positive which brightens dark and bitter cold winter evenings? I beg to differ, there is lots!

Where to start? Maybe with the increased income of the government. Although on our shoulders, it has to be noted that the government revenue increased by more than 11% compared to 2012, while expenditure is down 2,2% and thus bringing the fiscal deficit down to ZAR 17.5bn, which will translate to an annual budget deficit of 5.2% of GDP.

The exporters have a renaissance with the weak Rand, South African products are more than competitive on the international market, the quality sign “Made in South Africa” does for quite some time not to hide anymore, but now it is affordable in Europe and the US. So exports soar, and if one sticks to local products – the weak Rand reserves related tears for importers and travellers.

In the sports landscape South Africa’s Net Ballers are the top team in Africa, Bafana Bafana has been handed a life-line to visit Brazil in 2014 and Springboks and Proteas show again and again, what colour their jerseys are. Green and Gold…..that is how we all should feel, with hope and thankful that there is food in the fridge.

Stop moaning in the dark, embrace the days, they are getting longer and filled with hope and prospect!

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