Jacob Zuma finally going to Jail

Jacob Zuma

It is a good day for South Africa and the credibility of its legal system. The Constitutional Court has found former President Jacob Zuma guilty of contempt of court and sentenced him today to 15 months in jail. Although this sentence will be carried out ahead of the upcoming trials where Zuma is accused of committing no less than 943 crimes in the last years, it will show the world and all other corrupt politicians that the time of enriching yourself without consequences are over. There is a new Sheriff in town, his name is Cyril Ramaphosa and together with his Deputies at the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) he has commenced a unique political clean-up process to rid the battered country of the corrupt and nepotistic infestation that was once referred to proudly as a liberation movement.

The country and the world cannot wait to broadcast pictures of Jacob Zuma handing himself over at the Nkandla Police Station and it feels good that justice has prevailed and that public defiance of the Zindo Commission and the highest court did not go unanswered. The ConCourt ruled with an iron fist and now it is up to the executive to guarantee that they are coming for him, Jacob Zuma, as they will come after all his allies, comrades and followers.

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