Lazy Minister extends Disaster State despite low Infection Rate

Home Office in Disaster State

Will we ever see the end of the lunacy forced down the throats of the South African Public by Ndlamini-Zuma? Ideologically more than questionable and with her political career being past sell-by-date she has been unleashed on the unsuspecting country once again when she declared the State of Disaster to be extended by another month.

While new cases have dropped from over 20k per day in early January to below 1 000 in mid-March there is no reason for government to continue their closed offices in favour of staff staying home. It needed her ill-doings to extend that year-long holiday for our public administration. Home Affairs and Refugee Offices are still closed and people are desperate for status confirmations, marriage and birth certificates. It must have been the pleading of the laziest minister in office, Aaron Motsoaledi, who pushed Ndlamini-Zuma to extend the State of Disaster and thereby giving him the grounds on which to have scores of DHA officials sitting at home and watching telly.

Her reckless decisions within the concert of the National Coronavirus Command Council Culprits have sunk the South African economy into the abyss of shrinking more than 8% over the last 12 months. Real figures – not those fabricated by our wannabe-leaders – show unemployment in the formal as well as the informal sector now exceeding 50%. Every second person willing and able to work cannot! As her underserved salary comes from the same state coffers that keep on being plundered by the NEC members and their families, her care-free attitude to the detriment of a recovering economy must not be tolerated any further.

Neither must the looting of scarce public funds by her co-leaders and co-perpetrators. Minister Mkhize has been caught with both hands in the PPE cookie jar to the tune of ZAR 82m and various COVID Fumigation Contracts – declared useless and dangerous by the WHO – have lined the pockets of companies, shareholders and directors that cannot even be traced unless you count empty warehouses and open farmland as suitable registered addresses.

The government tortures the corporate sector as well as individuals with FICA and RICA and everybody has to prove address and possession of ID even when just buying a SIM card, but companies that tender for Million-Rand Public Procurement Contracts don’t even have to hand in an ID or a letterhead. Weird? Well, its not, as no Minister behind the scenes cashing in on the deal wants to stand in the limelight of public distrust or in front of the State Prosecutor.

And if – against all odds – those culprits are caught and asked to step down and present themselves to the judges of this contry we get defiance and refusal to even appear in the appropriate forum, they don’t even step down when asked by their own comrades as the cases Magshule or even Jacob Zuma show.

Despicable Them!

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