Loadshedding continues as ESKOM remains incapable

Loadshedding 2021

As ESKOM remains unable to bring a variety of generation units back online, rolling blackouts continue.

Loadshedding is set to remain on Stage 2 until tonight 23h00, thereafter Stage 1 will rule until 5h00 Monday morning when Stage 2 will resume. A leaking unit at Keoberg Nuclear Power Station as well as two tripping units at Kusile are the main culprits supplying the country about 2 000 MW short. Needless to say that all of those issues could have been avoided but it is still “Lex Molefe” that rules the power generation, which can be translated with “Who cares about power as long as power remains with the Leaders”.

No power, no vaccines, no economy and billions of rand embezzled and happily spent by those who now accuse the only rock in this cesspool trying to reduce corruption, Cyril Ramaphosa, exactly of same: corruption. A joke, made in South Africa, but nobody – except for Molefe, Mantashe, Dlamini-Zuma, Cele and Mkhize – is laughing!

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