Mamphela Ramphele will be DA’s presidential Candidate

Contrary to public perception that Agang SA leader Mampbhela Ramphele and DA leader Helen Zille do not want to collaborate, Zille has announced that Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele will stand as the DA’s presidential candidate in the 2014 general election.

h3. Announcement

The DA and Agang SA made the announcement at a Cape Town Hotel just a few minutes ago. Helen Zille said she was happy to announce that Ramphele “has accepted the DA’s invitation to stand as our presidential candidate in the 2014 general election”.”We’ve come a long way together,” she said, adding this is a “game-changing moment for South Africa”. Ramphele said she was “honoured” to accept the invitation extended by the Democratic Alliance to stand as its presidential candidate. “I believe this decision is in the best interests of South Africa,” she said. Earlier, DA federal chairperson Wilmot James said the axis of South African politics will shift. “On this day we are redefining the way in which politics will be conducted in South Africa.”

Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele described her decision to be the DA’s presidential candidate as an “astonishing moment” in South Africa’s history. “I believe that this decision is in the best interest of South Africa as we head into turbulent waters,” she told reporters after the announcement by Helen Zille. “Today is another astonishing moment in what we offer to the people of South Africa, and once again, to the world. “This is a game changing moment for South Africa,” said Zille. “I know Mamphela as a principled, fiercely determined person who loves our country very deeply… I can think of no better person to be our presidential candidate in this crucial, tipping point election,” said Zille.

h3. Change

Even ANC supporters wanted political change, Ramphele said. “Good people in the ANC have reached out to us, but are scared,” she told reporters. “Good business leaders have reached out to us but are nervous.” Ramphele said millions of people wanted to make a different choice in the 2014 elections.

_*”This is your government-in-waiting”*_

“I will not lead you, not lead us, nor lead South Africa on the path of conflict but of commitment – to you, to your children, to health, to high quality education and job opportunities,” she said flanked by Zille.

h3. Outlook

The elections in 2014 seem to become a whole new ball-game altogether. The ANC’s voters are leaving the sinking ship, either to join South Africa’s Pied Piper Julius Malema, or to support any of the democratic opposition parties, that are in the process of either merging or signing coalition agreements.

The incompetent and egotisitical leadership of Jacob Zuma will come to an – possibly even premature – end, that is a fact. But wether the ANC will be able to cling to its thinning majority under the leadership of a Cyril Ramaphosa or mot is yet to be decided.

The opposition is gaining momentum by the day. It is not only the EFF that drains the ANC of votes, but Agang, DA, ACDP, UDM, IFP and COPE are steadily increasing their supporter base and the presidential candidacy of Mrs. Ramphele is a milestone in cementing the unity between the DA and Agang and also the epitomy of demonstrating the power female politicians are executing to the benefit of the country.

h3. Democracy to the Test

It makes proud and hopeful with one tiny detail in the not to distant future that needs to be proven: If – and only “if” – the ANC looses the coming elections and a coalition government takes over the reigns of the country, will the ANC followers accept the vox populi or will they reach for grenades and assegaai, burn tyres and toi-toi through the streets in a blatant display of negating democracy?

I hope that is the last scare we have to deal with!

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