Medupi Power Plant further delayed due to Strikes

Workers have been on strike at Medupi power station in Limpopo for nearly six weeks, Eskom’s media desk said this morning. Those wanting to go back to work have been intimidated from doing so, the power utility said in a statement.

“The striking employees belonging to contractors on the Medupi Power Station Project have not heeded the call to return to work since the unprotected industrial action that took place on March 25, 2015, despite a court interdict as well as ultimatums issued in this regard…”. “Violence and intimidation was experienced in the accommodation areas where these employees reside as well as en-route to the project site. This has resulted in employees that want to return to work, being prevented or intimidated from doing so.”

h3. Tense Situation

The police was keeping a close eye on the situation but it remained “tense”. Many workers were sent home over the long weekend and were waiting to hear when they could return. “The continued unprotected industrial action is in its sixth week and has resulted in construction delays on the Medupi Power Station Project. However, work being carried out on Unit 6 has continued successfully.”

Labour unrest has been plaguing Medupi, a dry-cooled coal-fired power station meant to alleviate South Africa’s under pressure power grid.

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