Minister Mkhize to step down after profiting from shady Tender?

Mkhize involved in Shady Tenders

We are not surprised. Not only does Health Minister Mkhize lack any shred of competence in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, he also has single-handedly allowed the delays of the vaccination roll-out. Why? He was busy counting his ill-gotten profits made through a shady company by the name of Digital Vibes. Digital Vibes, a newly formed company closely consulted by Mkize’s best buddy and former spokesperson Tahera Mather and his former private secretary Naadhira Mitha had scored some obscure communication tenders and the profits attributed to Minister Mkhize were first R 40m, the R 82m and now we stand at R 150m.

What more does it take to force another of the leadership clowns to bite the dust? What is President Ramaphosa waiting for? Maybe the final report of his Special Investigation Unit (SIU), maybe the voice of reason within Mkhize to resign. The plot thickens and the longer he waits the more ot looks like the Ace Saga. Clinging to the seat that enables corruption and profits to the detriment of the state coffers. But he will fall!

The question is who is next? The Head and Executives of SAHPRA who turned down 15 million free doses of Sputnik V from Russia because there was no bribe in for them? Or Bheki Cele, who will not be allowed to wear his hat in prison after being convicted of abuse, racism and misuse of state powers to implement his insane ideologies? Well, a lot of wood still to chop in this jungle of corruption, deceit and embezzlements … and yes, Mr. Mantashe, you might actually be next!

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