Mugabe fires Vice President to make room for his Wife

While South Africans still wonder in anticipation, if Zuma dares to axe his deputy to make room for his Ex-Wife to become his successor, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe fired Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa this afternoon, the government said, as the battle between Mnangagwa and Mugabe’s wife Grace to succeed the veteran leader intensified.

“(President) Mugabe has exercised his powers to relieve honourable vice president E.D. Mnangagwa of his position as vice president,” Information Minister Simon Khaya-Moyo told a press briefing in Harare. This came just a day after the first lady reportedly declared that the under-fire vice president should be gone from both the government and Zanu-PF before the congress.

“Trouble causers in the party must go before the next congress. He (Mnangagwa) must be dropped before we meet at congress in order for us to have unity in the party,” Grace was quoted as saying.

Stay tuned, this is not the end of the story …..

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