New Rules on Children Travel

As from 1 October children travelling to South Africa will not be able to check in if they cannot produce the necessary documentation! The new regulations follow implementation of the SA Immigration Amendment Act of 2010, according to which children are defined as any one under the age of 18. The following rules will – for now – apply:

h3. Child travelling with both Parents

Children travelling to South Africa and being accompanied by both parents will have to produce an unabridged birth certificate with the names of both parents on it.

h3. Child travelling with one Parent

A child travelling with only one parent has to supply the unabridged birth certificate as well as either an affidavit from the other parent giving the child consent to travel with the other parent, a court order indicating sole guardianship of the accompanying parent, or the death certificate of the other parent.

h3. Child travelling with other People

If a child is travelling with people, who are not its parents, the unabridged birth certificate has to be provided as well as affidavits from their parents or guardians, copies of the parents’ or guardians’ identity documents or passports and their contact details.

h3. Child travelling unaccompanied

A child travelling as unaccompanied minor need even more paperwork! Beside all the paperwork for a child being accompanied by other people, additionally documents providing information about the person receiving the child have to be presented at check-in.

p. For any of the above documents not being in English, they have to be certified and accompanied by a sworn translation.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba when asked about the intended duration of these regulations and the future possibility of amendments said, that the impact of new immigration regulations are open to further engagement to protect the economy from any harm.

We will actively engage with the Department and the Minister to have those regulations simplified and will keep our readers posted!

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