Pilot Hotel Development will offer 200 Rooms

The Southern African Development Agency (www.sadea.org) in partnership with the German based hotel and real estate consultants Lindner Hotels Real Estate GmbH (www.lhre.de) and the German development finance institution DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (www.deginvest.de) is investigating options for a 200 room sustainable eco-hotel with an attached hospitality staff-training academy in Mozambique. It is a pilot project for further hospitality real estate investments throughout the African Subcontinent.

It is envisaged to ultimately create tourism routes by linking city hotels with resorts, wildlife lodges and mixed-use projects. A real estate and hospitality investment SPV, serving as the funding instrument for the African Subcontinent, is under consideration.

The projects will form part of the *eAFRICA* Platform of Into SA and new as well as existing platform clients can confirm their interest under “eAFRICA@into-SA.com(Send Mail to confirm Interest)”:mailto:eAFRICA@into-SA.com.

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