Seventh State of the Nation Address by a tired Zuma

Okay, South Africa, let’s try this again. President Jacob Zuma’s first term in office did not really go according to plan and now looks like an old bomb-site littered with debris and deep craters.

Yesterday night, he set the country’s fifth Parliament in motion at a time when the economic woes are top of the agenda. There was a lot of interest in how Zuma would look – after returning from sick leave – almost more than what he had to say. This was Zuma’s seventh “*State of the Nation Address*(Download here from Into SA Server)”:https://www.into-sa.com (SONA), and there was frankly little expectation that he would deliver a jaw-dropper of a speech. There were some interventions in problem areas, but the rest was very much made up of old ideas in new packaging.

Zuma is tired.

Perhaps change is coming.

Hope dies last!


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