The Fall of the COVID GODS – High Court declares Lockdown Regulations as unconstitutional

After a variety of episodes of “The COVID GODS must be crazy” it seems their rise has come to a halt as the High Court in Pretoria yesterday declared the lockdown regulations of Stage 4 and 3 as unconstitutional.

As mentioned before (see previous articles) the self-righteous COVID GODS Dlamini Zuma, Cele, Patel and Mantashe have relentlessly deprived the South African people and residents of their constitutional rights for personal gain and in order to force the public to follow their ancient doctrines and communist ideology. They masked their terror regime conveniently as “National Coronavirus Command Council” and by exploiting section 3 of the Disaster Management Act had the worst of all politicians chairing their “Junta” catapulting the wealth and what was left of the economy into the dark ages: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, “NDZ”.

Her bitterness over the end of her career and her failed attempts to conquer the presidential throne in the country had let her even more astray from a righteous path than before, given all the power she thought she had to show the people her arsenal of the dark side of the force. She easily found the right comrades to assist her in her quest, similarly aged and ideologically blinded politicians, who know that come the next elections their ill-received and incompetent regime of nepotism and greed will be over.

No other country in the world did implement stricter lockdown rules than South Africa! No other country out of 188 affected did ban tobacco and alcohol and no government dared to implement martial-law-like curfews enforced by the military. The Bill of Rights, core of the freedom that the country had fought for so hard and was cemented deep inside the constitution, became the disposable playball of the COVID GODS. The people had to watch their livelihood disappearing and the xenophobic and racial discrimination against foreigners and non-black residents became the new tenor of their rule.

No matter how many taxes you used to pay or how you contributed otherwise to the well-being and the economy of the country in the past, it was time to show all those who challenged their ideological leadership who has the power. Zimbabwean, Malawian and Congolese ex-waiters faced the threat of starvation and investors into the hospitality sector were degraded to spectators in a performance, which had only one undemocratic and unconstitutional goal: the re-manifestation of a “mugabesque” rule where the plundering of state coffers remains the privilege of the power circle and their friends and families.

Not a single COVID GOD has a corruption-free past, but since the former public protector Madonsela risked her life when exposing Guptagate, winds starting to change direction and corruption on the highest level became visible and prosecutable.

The Pretoria High Court must be commended to have resisted all bribery and coercion attempts and to have presented the people with a ruling that is founded, transparent and finally in line with what the fathers and mothers of the South African constitution had in mind in 1996. But it took almost 70 days of suffering before the application of the Liberty Fighters Network against NDZ was heard and decided upon, 70 days of unnecessary hardship caused by irrational and ideologically tainted rules.

I am certain, from what I have seen in the papers filed in this matter and from a mere reading of the regulations, even including the alert level 3 regulations, that there are many more instances of sheer irrationality included therein, the judge said. I find that, in an overwhelming number of instances the Minister has not demonstrated that the limitation of the Constitutional rights already mentioned has been justified in the context of section 36 of the Constitution.

The High Court added that the regulations related to the sale of tobacco products were excluded from this ruling, pending the finalisation of a separate court case on the subject brought by British American Tobacco.

There is hope at the end of the tunnel, hope for an early opportunity to kickstart the South African economy and also to prepare the cards for the upcoming local elections that will have us listening to the fallen COVID GODS in the words of The Doors in Apocalypse Now: “ This is the end, my beautiful friend, this is the end my only friend … ” … the end of this Terror Regime!

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